Rules governing Tee Ball will be the same as Minors (11-and-Under) and Majors (14-and-Under) with the following exceptions:


  1. Bats must be approved for little league play, shall be no more than 2 ¼ inches in diameter, and a maximum of 32 inches in length. No wooden bats allowed.
  2. All catches are required to wear a protective helmet, face mask, and throat protectors.


  1. A full game will be three (3) innings or 90 minutes.
  2. All players are required to hit from the tee during the first two innings. During the third inning players will have the option to hit from an adult coach pitching.
  3. A team may play with seven (7) without having to forfeit.
  4. All players are allowed to play in the field; extra players are to play in the outfield.
  5. The entire team will bat through their roster each inning
  6. After a team records 3 outs in an inning, the score will no longer be kept for that team for that inning, but each remaining player will bat in the inning.
  7. Play will begin when the umpire places the ball on the tee and positions himself behind the catcher.
  8. A batter cannot strike out.
  9. During the third inning, if a player decides to hit from an adult coach pitching, they make take three pitches from the coach. If they fail to hit any of the first three pitches fair, the tee will then be used for the remainder of the at bat.
  10. If the batter hits the tee and not the ball, a foul ball will be called.
  11. Play is stopped when runners have been forced to remain at base and/or umpire has granted time. Time may also be granted when any defensive player, with the ball in possession, steps into the infield and holds the ball in the air.
  12. There will be no infield fly rule in effect.
  13. There will automatically be two (2) outs when the last batter comes to the plate. (Seventh batter if only 7 players).
  14. For the safety of the players, no sliding will be allowed.
  15. The pitcher position is limited to one (1) inning per game per player (i.e. no player can play in the pitcher position more than one inning per game).