And the season is off…

And we are off to another season of Champion Baseball and Softball. We expect another great year for our parents, our spectators, our umpires, our coaches, and most of all our players.

For anyone who is new to CBL, the home team is the first team listed in our game schedules, and the home team dugout always sits on the first base side of the field. Away team dugout will be on the 3rd base side of the field. For example, when you see SCORCHERS VS SLAMMERS game listed on the calendar or on the website, the Scorches will be the Home team, and the Slammers would be the Away team.

Please keep in mind that the major emphasis of the Champion Baseball League is to:

  1. Provide youth an opportunity for fun and enjoyment in a Christian environment in order to encourage Christ-likeness on and off the playing field.
  2. Teach youth baseball skills and techniques.
  3. Practice good sportsmanship and physical fitness.

Please Click Here to read up on the general rules and guidelines for players and spectators, and let’s have another great year of Champion Baseball/Softball!

~ CBL Committee